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Sara Susov

Helping people is my passion and my purpose. I am a school psychologist, a life coach, and an energy healer, and believe that we can heal ourselves of many issues. I started to work outside the school setting to have a more balanced approach to healing, including incorporating therapeutic practices, spiritual connection, and alternative healing modalities.

Everything I teach is something I’ve learned in my life. Getting off autopilot with my stories helped me realize what my stories were and change them. I co-parented for 14 years and learned about what’s in my control vs. what’s not in my control, and how to truly let go of any expectations that other people will behave the way I want them to. Going through childhood sexual abuse has taught me how to be aware of my trauma triggers and learn to regulate my nervous system in a way that works for me. Coming from an oppressive religious tradition, I had to learn what my intuition felt like and how to trust it. And coming from a dysfunctional family, I couldn’t take time to be mindfully aware of my choices, then respond to them instead of reacting, but as I’ve gotten older and more aware, I can identify what I need.


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